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New Breed
Terms of Sale


Please use the cell phone when unable to reach us on 623-582-1015.



Male Serval kitten available.


10 wks old. Out of Jujube and Felix.

He is beautiful, playful and friendly.

Pictures taken yesterday, 9/12/14






The price is 4,995

I will not ship, you would have to come to the house and get acquainted with him.




IF you are interested, email me or call me (623 203-0884) and we will talk. For approved homes I also have a waiting list and am accepting non refundable deposits for the next Serval  kitten  of the sex you desire.

If you are looking to buy a serval kitten,  we advise you to verify  and obtain any permit needed to have this type of cat where you live.  You need to check your state, county, and city as any of these may not allow this cat as a pet. this is the buyers responsibility.







We have had a litter of Serval kittens born 10/09/13 

They are healthy, doing well. they are both males.

Mavrick was sold and I am keeping Goose.

Price 4,995$ for male or female includes a 500 dollar non refundable deposit to get on the waiting list.

Ask to see a copy of the contract before submitting a deposit.

One of the twins at 2 wks old. (10/23/13)

Temporary name "Goose"


The other Twin

Tempoary name "Mavrick"




My new e mail is


Nefertiti was born here and has become our pet. She is an F1 Savannah, 50% African Serval and 50% Bengal. She has been on TV on the news Three times. Look at those Ears!!!


Nefertiti's mother a Bengal Queen named Katie. Katie is retired now and gambling in Laughlin on the river with some wonderful people. She and Bengi became lovers at first sight. She always stayed close by him and he would breed no one but her. (very inconvient trait)
Bengi, Nefertiti's father.


Nefertiti as a kitten
Nefertiti loves to climb.
This is Ra, (named for an Egyptian god of course). He is an F2 (foundation cat) Male Savannah out of Nefertiti. He is about 37 lbs. Shorter legs than his mom, but beautiful spots, ears, and size. He cannot be shown because he is too early of a generation, he has 25% African Serval. He walks on a harness and travels with us. He is neutered because he would have been sterile anyway, and would probably have sprayed, but he remains as our pet. He loves baby kittens and will lick and nurse them and take care of them. all the moms tolerate him being around as they seem to know he is no threat. Amazing. 
Ra says these photo sessions are always so boring! I think I'll take a little nap.
Unh Oh. Something got his attention.
You really have to talk cat around my place. He says I would really love to climb up there, but I just got my nails done. (Clipped of course). It is kind of like clipping a German Sheppard's nails, except Ra probably objects more. And I did it all by myself today.
Ra loves to be around the kittens, takes care of them, nurses them, and is not happy unless he is in the middle of a whole group of them.


The Savannah is a hybrid cat that is a cross between domestic cats and African serval cats.  The Savannah cat is under development and at this time the breed is not completed!  The Savannah in twenty years may become  as popular as the bengal cat is now,  but at this time there are very few of this cat and prices are generally out of reach for most people who would like one as a pet.  The most beautiful savannahs we know of have been produced by breeding the bengal cat to the serval cat, and this combination has produced many strikingly beautiful cats. We are breeding f2, f3, f4, f5 generations savannahs.


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