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Please use the cell phone when unable to reach us on 623-582-1015.


Page updated 1/2/2015

 e mail me at

                             623 203-0884 Cell Phone but I prefer to use e mail or text

                                    as I cannot hear well on the phone. and it is

very frustrating for both of us.  

                                        House Phone no longer active.

                                            e mail for an appointment.

usually Sunday afternoons.


  Bengal Kittens coming up or now          available.

 No kittens available right now.


Since we have no kittens avliable we are going to work on placing some of our rescues and retired breeders.

Special of the week!!

The first special cat is "Hurley"

He is 1 1/2  years old, born 6-13-13 out of Marble lady and Cleatus. He is a beautiful brown marble, with a rosetted pattern and a wonderful personality. He is a show quality beauty.

He is a proven breeder, lovely kittens.

We are offering him as a Breeder Stud for 500, or as a pet for 300.

He is a beautiful, beautiful, friendly lap cat. loves people. would be good with children I think.






The second special cat is    "Egypt"

She is an unspayed female about 7 years old, very beautiful dark brown spotted. She came to us quite a while ago, and has gotten more shy with time. She was reported to be good with dogs and kids, has proven to be good with other cats. I think with some special time and attention she will be a nice pet.

She has never been outside, was a beloved pet.

no papers on her but she is obviously an nice bengal. Avliable for 25 dollars.
















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