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Please use the cell phone when unable to reach us on 623-582-1015.



  e mail me at

                             623 203-0884 Cell Phone,

                                House Phone no longer active.

                                    Call or e mail for an appointment




Well, we just had another litter of Serval kittens! they are two days old, born 1/15/14.

Male is sale pending, he has a deposit on him. Female is also sold. 

We have decided to keep Goose as a breeder.

date of picture 1/17/14




We have had a litter of Serval kittens born 10/09/13     or 8 wks ago.

They are healthy, doing well. they are both males. One sold and went to Florida. The other we are keeping as a breeder.

 See more pictures on Serval kitten page




One of the twins at 2 wks old. (10/23/13)

See the Serval kitten page for updated pictures.


Bengal kittens currently avliable:

                           No kittens avliable right now. Howeverwe have several retired breeders and several rescues. They are not rescues in the true sense of the word, they are needing rehoming. But they have not been on the streets, they come to us from a home when the owner is no longer able to take care of them.



   This is a lovely sweet Russian Siberian purebred kitten. He is out of MUNCHRANCH MSTISLAV BY MARCEL, AND WINTERLAND SABINA TACHA. He was born  1/02/13. These are a fairly new breed to this country, and they are supposed to be very low on the allergy causing tests.


My new e mail is

623 203-0884

We are  just north of the city of Phoenix,  Arizona.

 35040 N. 14th Street,   Phoenix, Az      85086

We are about 5 miles east of Interstate 17 and about 3/10 mile North of Carefree Highway (AZ highway 74) on 14th Street.  Use exit no 223 of I17 and go east on Carefree Highway for about 5 miles to 14th Street.   Turn north on 14th Street and go count 6 telephone poles on the left. turn left immediately after the 6th pole at the 35040 sign on the chain link fence on the left side of the road. Pass two houses along the driveway (300 feet).  Pass through the opening and past the double open horse barns to the home in the rear of the 2 1/2 acre property. We are the third property in. It is a bumpy dirt road, go around the bumps. If you get to a street, Galvin, you have gone too far. Turn around and call me. hard to find coming back.

Overview map:

Large scale map overview


Detail map:

Detail map close in



 Health Guarantee:

To the best of our knowledge, you are receiving a healthy cat or kitten that is up-to-date on required vaccinations.  We do not vaccinate for feline leukemia because the test then turns positive for a long time. We have never had a case of feline leukemia. It is mostly a disease of street and shelter cats. and the effectiveness of the vaccine is questionable. We use a nasal vaccine because cats are getting Sarcomas (a form of cancer) from shots so we want to keep them to a minimum. They will need a rabies shot at 6 months. This shot is risky for younger kittens. It is not required for cats in this state but we recommend that you get it for the kitten.

If any illness or congenital defect  is found in your kitten, you should contact us immediately and you may return the cat to us for full refund or a replacement kitten.

We value the good will of our customers.    Please do not expose your kitten or cats to the outdoors.  Please do not vaccinate for FIP.  The FIP  vaccination may actually cause FIP.


Both the Bengal and the Ocicat are treasured for their wild cat look.  The Bengal not only has the spots of a wild cat, but his breed originated from a wild cat (the Asian Leopard Cat) and  domestic cat matings.  Bengal owners are most enthusiastic about their Bengal cats.  Bengal kittens are at the top of the list as the most sought after breed in the south western United States.  The Bengal is an active muscular cat that loves to jump and bounce off walls, yet is very loveable, and likes to follow his owner around the house. 



Click here:  VISIT OUR OCICAT KITTENS PAGE: We frequently have  beautiful ocicat kittens!

Non Refundable DEPOSITS (1/2 price of the kitten) ACCEPTED TO HOLD A KITTEN;   Breeding rights are sometimes negotiable, must be discussed. Not included in price, but the money is not the issue, we are careful about who is going to breed our kittens.  

 PAYMENTS ACCEPTED in some cases per arrangement,  But kittens are kept here till paid for.









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