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Felix, an African Serval when he was a kitten.


None of the kittens/cats pictured below are for sale they are our pets and breeders.

For kittens for sale go the Bengal kitten page, or Savannah kitten page or Serval kitten page or Ocicat kitten page. If you are unable to navigate there, feel free to send me an e mail. Thanks,Donamae this is a serval female kitten at 11 days old, with Jamie our son.


Visitors enjoy the cats.

Shawna at 11 wks She is ours, not for sale.

She is such fun, she leaps straight up in the air, like a little Gazelle. She is very playful, very active. It is a job training her not to bite, she wants to use her teeth all the time. Moby she is teething. She already likes raw meat. Bottle feeding is an asset for bonding.

This picture below is of Jujubeea a Serval Queen. She is 5 years old and Gorgeous.

This is Felix one of our Male African Servals. He is very tame and loves to play. Here he is chasing a feather. This is a scene from inside their Habitat, a waterfall and pond.

Felix napping by my chair.






Nap time for a couple Ocicat Teenagers!!

Izzy one of our Bengal queens.

Justice, Izzy's daughter.


A bengal kitten taking a nap.
To view our current kittens, click on the bengals, ocicats, savannahs, button above,  and after receiving the  new page  click on the kittens reference that will appear to the left.     

Our kittens pages are kept current (at least I try) with kittens available complete with photos and prices. 

Savannah Kitten, about 7 months old.

Nefertiti is a F1 savannah, 50% Serval.

See her on the Savannah queens page.

Savannah KittenSavannah Kitten

This is Bengi,  one of our Servals used for breeding, shown here at 4 months old. He is Nefertiti's daddy.

African Serval kitten


We are  just north of the city of Phoenix,  Arizona.

 35040 N. 14th Street,   Phoenix, Az      85086

We are about 5 miles east of Interstate 17 and about 3/10 mile North of Carefree Highway (AZ highway 74) on 14th Street.  Use exit no 223 of I17 and go east on Carefree Highway for about 5 miles to 14th Street.   Turn north on 14th Street and go count 6 telephone poles on the left. turn left imediately after the 6th pole at the 35040 sign on the chain link fence on the left side of the road. Pass two houses along the driveway (300 feet).  Pass through the opening and past the double open horse barns to the home in the rear of the 2 1/2 acre property. We are the third property in. It is a bumpy dirt road, go around the bumps. If you get to a street, Galvin, you have gone too far. Turn around and call me. hard to find coming back.

Overview map:

Large scale map overview


Detail map:

Detail map close in


We breed spotted cats having the look of wild cats.  The Bengal breed was actually originated from a wild cat, the Asian Leopard cat, and a domestic cat. Thus, the Bengal is a hybrid of the Asian Leopard wild cat and a domestic cat. The Ocicat breed originated from breeding Siamese with Abyssinians, the first Ocicats and the first  Bengals  appeared in the mid 1960's and both  were established as breeds in the 1980's. The ancient Egyptians originated both the Abyssinian and the Siamese breeds.  Ancient Egyptian drawings reveal the spotted fishing cats. It looks very much like the modern Ocicat is the reappearance of the ancient Egyptian spotted fishing cat!  If you go back far enough, did not all domestic cats originate from wild cats?  Both the Bengal and the Ocicat are domestic breeds of spotted cats having the wild look.  The Savannah is a new breed which is a hybrid of the African Serval and the domestic cat.  Savannahs are mostly expensive due to the difficulty in breeding.   Our Bengals are registered with TICA, and Ocicats are registered with CFA and TICA, Savannahs are registered with TICA.  DonaMaeBengals cattery and DonaMaeOcicats is a small family run cattery located in Phoenix, Arizona.  Our cats are given regular attention and are loving and friendly.   We strive to produce quality Bengal, Savannah, Serval, Russina Siberians and Ocicat kittens. Kittens are well handled by us to help socialize them toward humans . We are located on a 2 1/2 acre lot just north the the Phoenix city limits. DonaMae catteries are members of The International Cat Association, CFA, Ocicats of North America, and the International Bengal Breeders Association.  The Savannah is a new breed derived from breeding a domestic cat to the beautiful African Serval cat.  Savannah prices are out of sight because these cats are very hard to produce.     We show our cats and are continually bringing new cats into our cattery and finding homes for our breeders as we update our cats with the best breeders we can find.  We strive to breed cats that are beautiful, friendly, and even tempered.  The bengal cat has improved substantially during the past few years.  Today's bengal cats are stunningly beautiful.  The bengal breed has come a long way in a relatively short time and continues to improve.  We are also very proud of our line of ocicats and now have several champion ocicats.


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